Qingdao Zhoushi Plastic Packaging Co.,Ltd.
    QINGDAO ZHOUSHI PLASTIC PACKAGING CO., LTD located in Qingdao with over 25 years of  production experience and the abundant R&D ability.
    Adhering to the concept of environmental protection, the company is committed to the sustainable development of the ecological environment. We have successfully developed fully biodegradable materials and products suitable for the packaging industry and catering supplies.
    Responding to waste classification,  promoting the reuse of resources, and providing nearly 50 cities nationwide in total. 
    Advocating food safety, we established long term cooperative relations with various domestic and  international large food enterprises, and actively develop food-grade biodegradable products.
    Insisting of science and technology first, Zhoushi has invested tens of millions of  RMB to support research and development and hold dozens of domestic and foreign patents. 
    For a better future, we work with you to change the world.


  • What's your main products?

    Our main products are BIO-DEGRADABLE BAG/PE BAG/MULTI-LAYER PACKAGE, all be used in food package, shopping, household, restaurant, industrial and agricultural package.
  • What's your main material?

    Our main materials are PLA, PBS, PHA, PBAT and Corn Starch. The materials are Compostable and 100% Bio-degradable, they can be degraded into H2O and CO2 completely.
  • How can you testify the degradation property and quality?

    All series of EN13432 Certificate have been got, and we have professional QC, professional inspection equipment and R&D Center.
  • What information should I let you know if I want to get a quotation?

    The size of the products (Length x Width), if your bag's have the gusset, also please provide the gusset size.
    Thickness in micron or Mil.
    The material: HDPE/LDPE/Biodegradable.
    The printing: How many colors printing in 1 side or 2 sides? 
    It will be very useful if you can provide your bag's picture. Of course, samples will be best.
  • How can I get the sample?

    1. We can provide the similar sample from our stock, which is free. You just need pay the freight fee.
    2. You can choose proofing(same with your need bags), you need pay the proofing fee.
  • What’s your MOQ?

    500 kgs each kind.
  • What is your payment term?

    Our payment term is T/T(30% deposit, 70% balance).
  • How about your after-sales service?

    Don’t worry, if there have any questions, please contact us at any time.

Latest News

  • New Production Plants

    Dawn Zhoushi (Qingdao) Multi-layer Packaging Material Co., Ltd. was established in December 2021 as a joint venture between Dawn (stock code: 002838) and Qingdao Zhoushi Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd. It is a leading enterprise in the R&D, manufacturing and packaging of laminated packaging materials an

  • Why we need 100% Bio-degradable Bag

    There are 5 trillion plastic bags be used in our planet in 2018, almost of them were dumped in marine and land. In the land environment, the plastic bags take hundred years to degrade. It’s not just the question about time or pollution: the soil property would be changed, then the creature will suff

  • Big news in 2019 of Zhoushi

    May 23th, ZhouShi be confirmed using the Mark of EN 13432 Standard.July 3rd, Zhoushi looked in Qingdao News.June 30th, Zhoushi successfully passed Annual Audit of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.July 1st, Zhoushi successfully passed Annual Audit of Chinese Environmental Labeling.July 18th, Zhous


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