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Why we need 100% Bio-degradable Bag

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    There are 5 trillion plastic bags be used in our planet in 2018, almost of them were dumped in marine and land. In the land environment, the plastic bags take hundred years to degrade. It’s not just the question about time or pollution: the soil would be changed, then the creature will suffer crushing blow. Vegetation will die, and animals have to move, or die. And in the marine environment, plastic bags are commonly mistaken for food, and a variety of animals like turtles, seals, can choke to death.

    That’s why many countries take DEGRADBALE BAG to replace PLASTIC BAG. Degradable Bag can divide into COMMON DEGRADABLE BAG and 100% BIO-DEGRADABLE BAG, and the difference is 100% BIO-DEGRADABLE BAG can be degraded to H2O and CO2 completely, but COMMON DEGRADABLE BAG just broken down into pieces. “COMMON DRADABLE BAG can’t be degraded completely,” the packaging expert Zhourui said, the president of Qingdao Zhoushi Plastic Packaging Co.,Ltd, “as time goes on, the bags could be broken down into tinier pieces, which can even be worse for the environment. Micro-plastics enter the food chain lower down, and then continuing to make their way up the food chain.”

    At present, the maturest 100% bio-degradable material is PLA/PBAT. It is a thermoplastic aliphatic polyester derived from renewable biomass, typically from fermented plant starch such as from corn, cassava, sugarcane or sugar beet pulp with the features of renewable, food-grade and non-pollution. Actually, it’s a pure environmental material.

    In 2010, PLA had the second highest consumption volume of any bio-plastic of the world. Although we as humans have made big break though in 100% BIO-DEGRADABLE PACKAGE, but all areas of the world face the same question: the cost of 100% BIO-DEGRADABLE MATERIAL is triple of PE MATERIAL. So the customers be pushed to search a lower-cost bio-material to replace the 100% BIO-DEGRADABLE MATERIAL, which caused market chaos. Zhourui said that, “Hainan Province, China, announced a plastic ban, and the other countries and regions have the similar laws, which provide a huge space to 100% BIO-DEGRADABLE products. But the cost limits its growth. So we established R&D Center to cope with it. We hope that the 100% BIO-DEGRADABLE PRODUCTS could normative developing by controlling cost. And we have made an achievement.”

    Almost countries made Standard of bio-degradable material and products to protect environment and regulate the market. And the most recognised standard is EN13432 STANDARD. The STANDARD clearly defined the Degradation performance and anaerobic treatment performance of BIO-DEGRADABLE material and products. “We have passed all series of EN13432 STANDARD, and strictly implements EN13432 STANDARD into the production process. The products exported to the US, AU and EU has been accepted. New package products is still being developed in our R&D Center. We hope to make a contribution to the standard developing of BIO-DEGRADABLE market.”


    To protect environment and save resource, we hope companies dare to try and innovate. And we hope more power factory can participate to push the BIO-MARKET develop on a fast and good trend.

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